TOP 4 best sofas from IKEA with photos in the interior.

Writing a review on IKEA sofas is the hardest thing for me. This is because it is difficult for me to be impartial, since the first disappointment in this company began precisely with the purchase of a folding sofa bed, which I now want to throw in the trash.

Corner „Vilasund“, 49,999 rubles.

If you use it only as a sofa, without a berth, then there are no problems, but for what then 54 thousand rubles? The price of IKEA sofas, in my opinion, is not always justified.

After some time after a bad purchase, I cooled down, and the ikea sofas presented in the sales area again delighted my eyes. Not all of them have bad reviews on the Internet. But our monster called „Vilasund“ is no longer on sale. Only its angular version remains, but there is already a completely different layout mechanism.

Our „Vilasund“, which was the main disappointment. The cover is removable, it suffered from the claws of our kitty. I removed the largest puffs with a needle.

It is unbearable to sleep on it every day, the mattress has crawled, the pillows are squeezed, and the headboard is below the main part of the mattress. The same uncomfortable sofa at Hoff costs 2-2.5 times cheaper.

Since she herself was burned on the purchase of IKEA upholstered furniture, I made this review especially meticulously. As my experience shows, studying a product beforeÀ%20Vendre-manual.pdf buying it in a store does not guarantee that it will not disappoint you later (we lay Commercial Room For Sale-Manual | PDF | Index (Economics) | Real Estate Appraisal on our sofa for 30 minutes before buying and laid it out twice 🤷‍♀️). Therefore, I thoroughly studied the reviews on the Internet, it’s a pity that there are practically no new items.

Trying to be as objective as possible, based on the experience of other buyers, I have compiled my rating of IKEA sofas in the low and medium price range *.

* I made an overview of expensive options at the end of the article. I singled them out in a separate category, since there are practically no reviews for them, because of the price they are unpopular.

Rating of the best models.

To calculate the rating, not only customer reviews about quality were taken into account, but also cost and design.

If the apartment needs an extra guest bed, then sofa beds from this rating are a good option. But! They are not suitable for everyday sleep.