A massager should have a variable intensity level like a minimum of 1200 RPM, and the maximum can go up to 3200 RPM above this may be unbearable for your body. That’s why world champions, Olympians, athletes, and professionals keep it in their kit as a secret weapon. A cordless massager can be your most desired tool with smooth performance and no hindrance. Overall, this massager worths the price and relieves your stiff and aching muscles with convenience. This massager is crafted intelligently since it has a heat dissipated function to prevent any damage to the machine.

The Thumper Mini Pro has a patented percussive action designed to penetrate all fascial layers to relieve muscle tension and sore muscles. Some handheld massagers offer a heating feature, while most of them don’t. If you feel like you want to add some heat to your massage, then make sure that you choose a massager with heat.

best handheld cordless massager

also a healthy present for yourself, family, wife, and best friends. Its powerful motor produces 3600 pulses per minute to provide a deep tissue massage that efficiently removes all kinks and knots from the body and accelerates muscle recovery. Additionally, the massager’s compact body and cordless design make it easy to carry it in your gym bag or carry-on. This versatile, home-massage device is made for delivering deep tissue massage to help with knotted muscles and spasms in a matter of seconds. In addition to relaxing muscles, this super powerful handheld massager also increases blood flow using the 3,700 bliss-filled pulses delivered every minute. The cordless, slim and lightweight design makes this device ideal for travel and in-office use, while the battery allows for 120 minutes of use from a single charge.

This massager has a unique quiet glide technology with a 24V brushless high torque motor. This also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with extra along three to six hours of working time. This is an easy to use massager without complicated manuals or heavy equipment needed. The next massager on our list is again a cordless handheld massager. Also, it can provide you with 80 minutes of massage on a single charge.

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How big or small do you want the handheld electric back massager to be? You want the handle to be long enough to get to most parts of your back. This is a great massage head to stimulate blood circulation and give your skin a glow. Roller Head – The attachment head is constructed with small bits coming out of the massage head, to stimulate blood circulation.

The best handheld massagers help ease tight muscles in your neck, shoulders, back and legs, and they can help you to unwind after a long day. Since the pandemic began, handheld massagers have flown off the shelves, with people buying them to enjoy soothing massage therapy at home at the push of a button. A true wellness essential, a good handheld massager can make all the difference to your day-to-day physical comfort, and you don’t have to spend lots to nab a decent one either.

It’s powerful and effective, pushing out 3,700RPM to relax tight muscles and ease cramps and muscle knots. A handheld percussion massage machine replicates the technique by delivering rapid pulses of energy to differently-shaped attachments, which vibrate, pressure muscles. Well-designed units can reach deep into soft tissues to provide pain relief and increase muscle function. Tight, sore muscles are an inconvenience whether they result from strenuous workouts at the gym, or simply from the daily stressors of life. And while regular massages can help with bodily aches and pains, budgets and time constraints don’t always allow for them.

best handheld cordless massager

I wish it were a little lighter, but I can’t really complain when my previous one was so much heavier. I believe that adding some sort of grip around the handle could improve this massager. When I hold it for too long, my palms get itchy, and I believe a handgrip would help with that. Fortunately, finding a great handheld massager isn’t as hard as it seems. Using the guide and reading handheld massager reviews here, you can quickly find a handheld massager that suits your specific needs. When choosing a massager, make sure you buy one that will reach all of the body parts you want to massage.

Battery Operated Handheld Massager

One of the advantages of using the Brookstone Max 2 is that it comes with a beautiful aluminum body. The aluminum body not only makes the massager aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it more durable. If you happen to work at an office, you can use the unit at a noise level of as little as 48db. It offers a little bit of everything, like warming metal tips and a vibrating massage ball.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for a total of 140 minutes on a full charge – plenty of time to work out some knots or soothe a sore area in the back or calve. This handheld massager is great for anyone who needs a quick massage. Nothing is worse than suffering from muscle pain, so if you use a massager, you can reduce tension and promote blood flow into the area. This will help to not only relieve pain, but to make your muscles more supple and ready to take on another run or workout. Sore muscles shouldn’t keep you from doing your favorite things, so massagers can definitely help in this department.

Best Portable Handheld Massagers Of 2021

It also can treat foot pain, ideal for plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Despite its slightly priced price, this does not compromise on the value. Its motor is powerful, going at 3600 pulses per minute, so consumers can rest assured that their pains will subside. This handheld massager is really easy to use and also portable enough for you to take with you wherever you go or just keep at home, stored away safely.

The dual heads deliver up to 3,100 pulses per minute via two nodes that move in and out like pistons to soothe sore muscles. It offers four settings, including a relaxing, low-intensity massage and a high-intensity setting for massaging sore muscles and working out painful knots. A long-lasting battery, five attachments, and an easy-to-use design make this handheld massager from RENPHO one of the best models on the market. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that will last for 140 minutes on a single charge, ample time for several full massage treatments. Its single round head gives a terrific deep-tissue massage, and its powerful motor delivers up to 3,600 pulses per minute. The motor of this massager can deliver up to 1300 pulses per minute.

The three pronged head can reach deep into tissue and improve circulation to damaged muscles, improving recovery times. Many handheld massagers are too small to effectively soothe back pain. The Viktor Jurgen solves this best handheld cordless massager with its 2 massage heads, giving you more coverage as you massage sore back muscles. The device isn’t the most portable, but it’s affordability and power make it a great choice for anyone who needs a good back massager.

Best Ergonomic Massager

You can adjust its percussion speed and choose between 6 different attachment heads. It also has a heat function to loosen up your muscles even more. On the plus side, this device is an extremely popular percussion massager and is seen as a viable option if you do not want to spend as much on the Pure Wave percussion massagers. You want your percussion massager to have a strong motor so that it applies a decent amount of pressure rather than a mere “buzz” that only massages on the surface. Percussion massagers provide another form of massage therapy called percussion therapy .

best handheld cordless massager

It’s one of the lightest massagers features here, making it great for those who need a compact and portable device to take with them on the road. The Renpho has smaller massage heads that what you’ll get with other devices such as the Liba or Viktor Jurgen. However, you won’t get as much coverage, so it’s not the best choice for massaging larger areas such as the back. There are many different options out there if you are looking for the best handheld massagers. Here, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about handheld massagers, and help you find the perfect device for you.

It’s electric but portable, and if other types of massagers haven’t worked for you, a percussion massager could be well worth a try. Instead of using one or two massage nodes, these models use a single wide one. The wide massage attachment usually contains several smaller units that work in unison to produce a comfortable massage. These units are very effective at covering large surfaces in quick succession, and they will massage your whole body in no time whatsoever.

best handheld cordless massager

It has a powerful and long-lasting battery, which works seamlessly for months. The motor spins at 3600 pulses per minute, therefore enabling its heads to penetrate and soothe muscles naturally. You can get a handheld massager for quick and therapeutic massages wherever you go. The Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager penetrates deep in your muscles for a great massage experience. RENPHO Deep Tissue Muscle Massager works quietly and efficiently and can relieve back pains and tension in muscles.

Easy to use with 5 massage speeds and an ergonomic handle, enjoy the percussive and vibration therapy, offering deep tissue pain relief. A powerful motor of 3,600 pulses per minute offers a deep tissue massage, getting into all those nooks and crannies in your back. Enjoy four different speed settings, allowing you to vary the massage from a gentle, relaxing massage to a more vigorous deep tissue massage. The percussion nodes move up and down, delivering a massage on par with the best masseuse without breaking the bank. Deep kneading nodes mimic the movements of a massage therapist to help loosen knots and relieve pain.

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Like the Pure Wave CM-07, this model is costly compared to other percussion massagers, but it’s less expensive than the CM-07 model. The Brookstone Max 2 is made with aluminium that makes it elegant and more durable, but also costs more than most percussion massagers. Many users also found it too large and heavy, and the heat function is prone to giving out with use.

Naipo Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

Each manufacturer tries to embed as many features as possible, but one can pick the best handheld massager only under personal requirements. After going through several choices for being crowned as the best handheld massager, our advice is the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager. It is the best handheld massager that offers a ton of features while still being realistic in terms of price. The percussion massage on this product is especially excellent when it comes to going deep inside the tissues to accelerate the recovery of muscles and eliminate muscle pain. The product itself is bigger than average, and it was designed for massaging larger areas, such as legs, waist, or back. The rounded massage node allows a gentler massage which is suitable for men and women.


I also love my lumbar massager, the Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager, as I can use it at work while I’m writing to reduce the pain in my lower back. It’s an almost euphoric feel to have your back hurt and instantly feel better when the machine starts up. Whether you are standing still or moving, the muscles in your legs are working hard.

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Percussion therapy helps your muscles recover faster from strenuous exercise, which can help you perform better in sports and get more workouts in each week. The Flex X massage head is another uniquely shaped node with grooves and ridges that help with myofascial release over a wide surface area. All in all, it’s a powerful device that has received tons of raving reviews. It’s not a cordless massager, so you need to have it plugged in while using it, which makes it even more awkward if you’re using it for self-massage.

  • This will help to not only relieve pain, but to make your muscles more supple and ready to take on another run or workout.
  • “This device literally takes away any sort of knots I have,” said one user.
  • The build quality is also better than the other less expensive options featured here.
  • One of the best features of handheld massagers is their versatility.
  • The high-quality massager makes it possible to get rid of the muscle ache real quick.
  • Most corded massagers have a power cord between 7 and 14 feet long to allow for a broad range of movement.
  • You’ll want to look for a model with a powerful motor that can effectively reach deep into muscles, as well as any premium features like multiple vibration speeds or a heating element.
  • This massage improves the local blood circulation, and it relaxes your muscles.
  • One of the more affordable cordless massagers you’ll find, this recovery tool from Renpho costs $40 and will last up to 140 minutes after a full charge.
  • Some users experience immediate relief during the massage session itself, or immediately after.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from either a super portable handheld massager, which often means no wires and is fully cordless, or a massager that comes with a cord. Both have their benefits and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide which one suits you the best. Try to find a handheld massager that comes with an adjustable speed setting.

When you use heat therapy on a muscle knot, the results won’t fail to appear. You might not notice anything at first, but as soon as your muscle warms up properly, it will begin to relax. As the muscle relaxes, the knot will disappear and you will feel like another person. Recharge the battery after full three hours, and you are ready to use it again. The device is ergonomic and lightweight so you can easily slide it across your entire body. Thanks to the option to change the intensity, you can choose from a softer or a rougher massage depending on the sensitivity of your limbs and back.

The functionality of this product makes it perfect to use for every part of the body. With this Snowfit SnowArm, you can vary the speed and change the massager heads for a wider variety of muscle relaxing massage options. There are 4 different modes and 4 different speeds for you to choose from, to give you more choice in your massage. These include a stress eliminating massage by stimulating your nerve ends by reflexology. Plus, with such a massage, you will be able to have a better blood circulation flow and increase your body’s metabolism rate as well.

Once you start your massage session, you can pick between two intensity levels – high and low. The bottom line is, this is a good handheld massager that can provide very thorough massages. It comes with a built-in battery that has a life of 140 minutes before the need to be recharged.

The device includes a heating function and a 20-minute auto-shutoff. The sleek massage device is made from vegan leather and includes a breathable mesh for added style and comfort during use. Plus, the pillow comes with an adapter for in-car use and a sleeve that produces a less intense experience for more sensitive users. And, as it’s on sale for less than 8 dollars, it’s a super affordable alternative to the often pricey portable massagers.

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