If you’re redoing a lawn you can expect roughly 10 yards of debris to remove per 2k sq ft. Place a stake at the highest and the lowest points of your lawn. Tie a rope between the stakes and hang line levels on the rope to ensure it’s perfectly level. Measure the full length of the rope to find your lawn’s run. Then go to the stake at the lowest point and measure the distance from the rope to the ground. If the run is 100 feet long, there should be a rise of between 25 inches to 10 feet.

yard leveling rake

Otherwise, you can fill it to the top to get the most weight. Buy or rent a garden roller from a garden supply store. Garden rollers are large cylinders that you can pull across your lawn to flatten any spots that are too tall. Check your local gardening or landscaping stores to see what types of rollers that have.

All Steel Lawn Drag Mat (3w X 4l)

To avoid it, you should not place any heavy equipment or machinery on the ground for long. If it happens because of climate problems, there’s nothing you can do. For any of those situations, you’ll have to check them up and search for leaks, clogged or damaged nozzles, and inconsistent sprays. Just like drainage problems, sprinklers and hoses can also be the culprit of your lawn looking untidy. And it happens for the same reason –water erodes the ground.

This leaves your lawn in perfect condition for planting. Before digging on a small area with grass, remove the grass. You don’t want to add the topdressing later and find grassroots damaging the soil. Remove grass by digging the shovel about 2 to 3 inches into the ground and lifting the grass with its roots.

Dig The Soil

Make sure the soil feels soft underneath your grass instead of hard and dry. You might have drainage problems like broken water or irrigation pipes that are causing erosion. Roll your lawn once a year to avoid over-compacting your soil. Rolling your lawn compacts the soil and makes it more difficult for roots to grow if it’s overdone. Only roll your lawn once a year in the spring to prepare for the rest of the growing season. Whichever method you choose, spring is the best time to level your lawn, as the conditions are mild, giving the lawn a chance to recuperate before summer’s heat arrives.

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David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. Take your pine straw rake and go over the entire plot in order to rake in the seed and fertilizer. Spread or spray in a good quality crag grass killer.

Tin Can Water Bottle Holder

Leaf rakes are one of the common types of rake that you might find with either a plastic or metal head. If you plan to only use your rake for gathering leaves, then one with a plastic head will be most appropriate. The other advantage of plastic heads on rakes is that it helps to keep the rake lightweight, which makes it less strenuous for the user to operate. A lightweight rake will also be especially beneficial for children or elderly people. Plastic rakes also tend to be the most inexpensive to buy, as they are cheap to manufacture. It has a similar design to a landscape rake, with its wide head and stiff tines, which enable it to cover a large area of ground fairly quickly.

yard leveling rake

This is a popular type of rake that many gardeners will own for use in their backyard. A lawn rake is often mistaken for a leaf rake because it has a similar design. These rakes have a long, straight handle, with long and slender metal tines at the head that spread out to create a fan shape. Though these rakes are perfectly good at raking up leaves, they also have many other uses. Their strong but flexible tines mean they are well suited for raking up any number of garden debris, such as gravel, sand, and soil.

Diamond Artificial Grass

A fan-type rake not only removes negative coverage from the lawn but also lifts loose grass. It will help to keep the lawn straight as there will be no flattened areas. The gas lawn mower is suitable if there is no possibility of convenient use of the electric option or the lawn area is large.

  • Yes, there are several ways in which this tool can be recycled.
  • A lawn leveling rake is a tool that allows you to level soil and dirt evenly in your garden to get a more level lawn.
  • I have explained the fundamental features in addition to the pros and cons of each model.
  • It is also an effective tool for compacting loose dirt, or even newly sewn sod or seed.
  • The task of leveling and moving the soil can be somewhat tiring but you can make it somewhat easier and get good results by using the right tools.
  • The biggest improvement was that I am able to mow the lawn on the lowest height for my honda rotary mower without ever bottoming out.

Wild or domestic animals may be the culprit for low-lying areas. Children and dogs playing or people simply walking across a soggy lawn can cause depressions, which may happen more easily on saturated spring soil. If you have clay-heavy soil and live in an area where the soil freezes in winter, you may see new bumps and bulges in your lawn during the spring thaw.

Lawn Rake

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a lawn care specialist to accomplish lawn-leveling repairs and bring the turfgrass back to its once immaculate appearance. For basic repairs, try to time them for the spring. This will allow your grass time to grow in and will also provide the moisture necessary to help set the soil. Although Spring is the best time, with respect to moisture, it can also be the worst time. The ground is usually very soft because of the snow-melt, which could result in new bumps if there’s too much traffic.

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Master Gardeners: Bypass bagging, put fallen leaves to work for your yard.

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If you see that you need more top dressing, repeat this process when your grass begins growing over the top dressing or when the top dressing mix is no longer visible. Be sure to never completely cover your grass blades with soil because it needs sunlight to grow. Like most lawn rakes all it takes is a simple back and forth motion to easily distribute top dressing materials on small areas. The rake also helps to remove stones from soil and helps to break up small clods of sand or loam.


You’ve covered the depressions, added the mix and spread it around. Pour the rest of the topdressing mix all across the yard area. Just enough so the grass doesn’t interfere with the leveling process. If you cut too much, then you may damage the grass, and it may die out. The best way to start is to gather everything you need beforehand. And you can be sure there’s nothing left when working on the leveling process.

Below is a lawn rake review I curated in to assist you in making the right choice. I have explained the fundamental features in addition to the pros and cons of each model. For this reason, I hope that your gardening activities will be a lot easier and less stressful. Turf specialist Dave Minner says the re-establishment of a healthy, thick grass will help alleviate this problem.

For any of these situations, the best you can do is protect the soil. In humid places, try safeguarding the yard from excess water. And in dry areas, keep it hydrated so the soil doesn’t erode. Similarly, ants tend to create massive boroughs below ground. They erode the soil causing huge bumps in large areas. They will get into your lawn looking for food, damage it, and leave marks.

Check your yard for drainage issues or broken pipes. Sometimes, drainage problems or damaged pipes could cause your lawn to be uneven. Look yard leveling rake for areas where water pools near pipes and hire a professional to come inspect them if you suspect that they’re broken or damaged.

However, in my opinion, the manufacturer could have made the handle with some kind of soft coating that would protect your palms from blisters. After all, processing a garden with hand tools is a rather laborious process. My experience also shows that wooden parts of tools get dirty rather quickly and lose their attractive appearance. Although it should be said that all elements are made reliably, this product will serve you for more than one season. If you have access to a drag implement that can be hooked up behind a lawn tractor, try using it as an easy way to pull the material off the high spots and drop it in the low spots.

I don’t have time or money to redo the entire yard but I was wondering if topdressing with topsoil would help? I have clay soil and can’t use sand because it will make the clay hard as concrete. I was thinking about getting a level rake like you said but don’t know if I should get a 36″ or a 48″ due to this size of the yard and the severity of the bumps and dips. I have been gardening for a long time, and I enjoy it as a hobby. It is satisfying to see what I planted take off and grow. Please allow me to explain some facts about the different types of sand.

If it’s easier, you can try pushing the roller in front of you. Steel garden rollers are heavier and will flatten your lawn better, but they’re harder to maneuver. to learn more, including how to make your own from sand and compost. Cut through the turf along the edges of the sunken area, using a flat spade or manual lawn edger. Make clean, vertical cuts to minimize root damage and to form a neat patch of turf.

It is a 4 year old house that has always had renters in it. The renters severely neglected the lawn and landscaping. Over the past year I have spent a ton of time planting shrubs and fixing the lawn. Topsoil or compost are the best options as compared to sand. They have the ability to enrich the soil underneath and provide essential nutrients to it. Mix up the batch of leveling mix in a wheelbarrow.

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