Mens Jacket
Mens Jacket
All clothing of the brand is the result of painstaking work, so each model is successful in its own way. Unlike oversized winter down jackets that turn a woman into an undefined gender, Canada Goose women’s parkas are elegantly cut and gracefully accentuate the figure. All Canada Goose outerwear models provide their wearers with comfort and reliable protection from the cold.
Each jacket, parka, coat at the Canada Goose factory goes through 13 stages of production. Before going to the warehouse, and from there to stores around the world, products are manually checked by employees of the control department.
Features of outerwear Canada Goose
Arctic-Tech is a cotton / polyester blend that is used in virtually all Canada Goose winter outerwear. It has high wear and tear resistance, rain and wind resistance, and excellent heat retention.
The outer fabric is treated with a special DWR (Durable Water Repellent) impregnation to enhance water and dirt repellent properties.
Despite its name, Canada Goose uses duck down as insulation in most of its models. It is warm and heats up perfectly. You can read more about the properties in the article „Down Technologies“.
For the edging, the company uses coyote fur. It does not absorb moisture, does not damp and creates a layer of warm air around the face, which is especially convenient when walking outside the city. The hem can be easily detached from the hood.
In the past few years, more and more clothing manufacturers have abandoned the use of natural fur. Canada Goose keeps up with the global trend. Models with no edge appear in the brand’s assortment, and their number will grow with each new season.
Long, heavy-knit cuffs keep cold air out, and fleece trims on the pockets.
A number of top-of-the-line Canada Goose winter jackets and parkas have two internal shoulder straps. In a warm room, the jacket can be removed and worn like a backpack. This is convenient, for example, when shopping: you do not have to carry a coat in your hands or languish in it from the heat.
Models pass from season to season with slight modifications in cut and colors. The brand’s jackets are characterized by a calm and neutral palette, even the reds and blues do not look flashy.
In a warm room, the parka can be removed and left hanging on the straps, like a backpack
To help customers find the most comfortable and comfortable outerwear, Canada Goose has developed its own Comfort Temperature Index (TEI). It is easy to navigate by it, since all temperature measurements are carried out in degrees Celsius. True, the temperature division of Canada Goose is approximate, and when choosing outerwear, you should pay attention to a number of features: how well you tolerate the cold, how fast you move, how much you sweat and, in some cases, how you eat and whether you sleep enough.
Each Canada Goose jacket, park or coat, depending on temperature, has a marker from TEI 1 to TEI 5, where TEI 1 is lightweight clothing and TEI 5 is the warmest jacket tested in the field at very low temperatures. Mens Jacket