How to take a good photo on Instagram: a photophone.

The blog already has an article on how to take a good photo to your personal account. If you look at the examples offered in the article, you will notice that the photo ALWAYS has some kind of background. In principle, this is understandable even without an article. If we are talking about live photos, and not about etched photos for online stores, then the photo always has a background.

It can be horizon, sand, asphalt or floor, but there is a background.

There is no background here:

And here is, albeit white:

It’s easier in nature with backgrounds: the sky, grass and water are our best friends! They look great in photos. But if you are taking a photo at home, then there are options.

What is a photophone.

A photophone is a whole Instagram direction. The accounts, designed in the same style, look beautiful and are readily subscribed to. And the photophone makes it easy to maintain the same style – just use the same background and all your pictures already have something in common.

White photography backdrops are used more often because:

They are more affordable. Photographed on white sheets – and you’re done! It’s easier to work with them.

Choosing a light style is easier to follow. Light or even almost white can be paper, a sheet, or a gray sky, so you can shoot almost anywhere, not just at home. Photos taken against a white background are perceived more positively.

And everyone loves the positive.

Black backgrounds are also used for photographs. There are many very stylish dark insta profiles out there. But working with black is more difficult, you need to be able to catch New Tablet 64 GB Black light so that there are no „black holes“ and the frame looks interesting.

Why do you need a photophone.

There is only one reason: a photophone is needed to make the photo more beautiful. Well, the entire account as a whole, too. Because the more beautiful your account, the more efficient and faster your promotion on Instagram will be.

A photophone is especially important for selling photographs. Not all of us live on the islands or rent an office in old mansions with parquet floors, marble countertops, and this is all. And for your product to be wanted to buy, it must be well photographed.

And the background plays an important role here.

Imagine: would you want to buy even a very beautiful dress, which was photographed on yellowed and peeled off wallpaper? Most likely, the dress in such a photo will be associated with poverty and general depressive moods.

And if the same dress is photographed against a beautiful textured background (yes, even against the background of a plain white wall!), Yes on a beautiful hanger, and hanging a handbag next to it – a completely different mood and a different effect.