Apple Iphone 7 Plus in Nigeria
Apple Iphone 7 Plus in Nigeria
The use of two photosensors at once instead of one, even though they are equipped with a different optical system, can hardly be considered an innovation. Phones with similar technical solutions have been available before. But from Apple’s side, this move looks like a direct gesture of friendliness towards its customers: the company shows that it takes into account the popularity of its phones as everyday cameras, and intends to invest in the development of this functionality. Everything for the client! Or not quite all?
Test device courtesy of the Apple Store
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Apple A10 Fusion 4 x 2.3 GHz, Cyclone 4?
5.50 in. 16: 9, 1920 x 1080 pixels 401 dpi, capacitive multitouch, Retina HD, IPS, P3, glossy: yes
Note: Different samples of the same model often use different components! (Matrix AUO instead of BOE, Hynix memory instead of Samsung, SATA storage instead of PCIe, …)
The two-eye camera allows you to instantly differentiate the iPhone 7 Plus from the crowd of other devices. However, the design as a whole has not changed for the third generation, since the days of the iPhone 6.
Of the five available colors, one, Jet Black, is the most scratch-prone. The rest should not seem to have such a problem.
The 7th iPhones no longer bend in a trouser pocket, but under strong impact, the display can crawl out of the surrounding bezels, which is hardly much better.
The fact that in both new models the button under the screen is warm to the touch, the manufacturer justifies the lack of space for internal electronic components – you have to get used to it.
It’s a shame that the new product comes with regular wired headphones and not new wireless ones. The premium cost still usually implies an appropriate attitude towards the customer. In addition, to use your own „ears“ you will have to use the included adapter from the universal Apple Lightning port to the analog 3.5mm output. Whoever is afraid of this inconvenience should be turned to the (for some reason quite subtly cheapened) iPhone 6S Plus.
Left to right: Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 3
It’s hard to write a long and compelling story about iOS 10, which comes with new phones. Certain foreign publications are presenting this update as „the most significant in the history of iOS“. What exactly led them to this conclusion is not even approximately clear. Yes, maps now detect the fact of movement in the car and remember the last parking spot. Yes, 3D Touch functionality has been added to several more system applications, and the clipboard for links and text is now shared between all devices linked to one account. So what? These and many other innovations do not pretend to change the user’s life for the better once and for all. Rather, we are talking about more actively psychologically pushing the owners of past models to update.
Memory cards are predictably not supported. Of course, the light on them did not converge like a wedge. There are wireless hard drives, there are flash drives with a Lightning connector, and there is cloud storage.