Air conditioners and split systems Tosot: types, features.

On the Russian market of climatic equipment there are air conditioners of the Tosot trademark, the copyright holder of which is the world-famous Chinese manufacturing corporation GREE.

In the article, we will consider information about Tosot air conditioners and split systems, the history of the brand, what types of climate technology Tosot produces, and a description of the products.

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About Tosot

The Tosot trademark was officially registered in China in 1997. The brand name is used to mark industrial goods produced at the PRC’s own factories.

Until 2003, the products were sold on the domestic market, but gradually export to neighboring countries was established. Today, Tosot products are successfully sold in Southeast Asia, Southern Europe and the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation.

The manufacturer of Tosot products – the Chinese company GREE – is the world leader in the production of air conditioning systems that meet all international standards. At all stages of production, climatic equipment undergoes the strictest quality control with subsequent testing of finished products.

Achievements of GREE Corporation:

every third air conditioner in the world is produced at the factories of this company; Tosot HVAC equipment is operated by more than 3 million consumers; over the years of its activity, the company has received more than 8.4 thousand innovative patents and 14 thousand technological patents; 10 production sites and 52 research centers were opened; 570 test laboratories are functioning; for the manufactured products there are certificates confirming full compliance with international quality standards.

Types and advantages of Tosot air conditioners.

The GREE company offers a wide range of Tosot climatic devices for home and business with a wide range of useful functions and optimal technical characteristics.

Types of Tosot air conditioners:

Household inverter split systems. Multi-split systems. Semi-industrial air conditioners: cassette, duct, column, floor and ceiling.

Multizone TMV systems.

Advantages of Tosot air conditioners: